President of the Republic of Guinea Professor Alpha Conde

President Alpha Condé, 72, is a true representative of the people of Guinea. He is a veteran opposition leader and has become the President in his third attempt. During his election campaigns, he promised, if elected, to be "the president of all Guineans, a president of coming together and of national reconciliation."

The people of Guinea are proud and warmly welcome Condé, who will show them the way towards self-sufficiency in all directions. He is the most cherished leader who will take Guinea to greater heights of glory. Education is his special interest, as it will greatly help in the elimination of poverty and subsequent increase of prosperity. The creation of medical facilities, schools, colleges, industries, jobs, and agriculture are the areas of his focus, in a peaceful environment of ethnic voluntary co-operation, reliable support and all-round growth.

Changing The Whole Guinea

President Condé's vision is all encompassing for the common good of his people of Guinea.

His promise is that since its inception, the Rally of the People of Guinea (RPG) has and will fight for one thing: to unite all Guineans and work together for change toward democratic stability and real economic and social development.

Improving the lives of all Guineans and Guinea, has always been the primary concern. In 2010, more than ever they remain faithful to this mission and their vision is based on five priorities:

The 5 axes of change

  • National unity in the observance of democracy and fundamental freedoms
  • Food self-sufficiency in 3 years
  • School and Health for All
  • Economic development for all developed agriculture, a productive informal sector, structural reforms
  • Encourage foreign investment and regional integration

President Condé's vision dynamic vision and promise ensures the overall change of the whole Guinea for the upliftment and betterment of all Guineans via "Travail, Justice, Solidarité" (Work, Justice, Solidarity).